Why do you recommend a blog for my site?

Content is your #1 tool for ranking high on Google, and blogs are the best way to keep a steady flow of fresh content. Google loves fresh content, especially content that is well-written and authoritative, because that is what internet users want. Google has become the biggest search engine in the world because it excels at providing what users want.

So if you want Google to show you and your business some love, providing that fresh content needs to be a part of your SEO strategy. But there are other perks to be had from adding a blog to your site too!

Keeping a blog on your site helps to increase customer engagement and keeps customers coming back to your site. This means that they are more likely to turn to you than your competitors. Blogging also helps to cement you as an authority in your field in the minds of your visitors. Again, this makes it far more likely that when they have need of your services, they will trust you with their business.

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