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Misfit Dedicates Itself to Charity With Each Project

Misfit Interactive was born from the idea of helping small businesses compete with the big dogs on the web.  It is on the web that everyone can be equal, no matter their capital, so long as they have great search engine optimization, fresh content, and a kickin’ website.

However, Misfit likes to push the borders of how companies are run and give back to the community. So we have started an initiative that we’ve wanted to incorporate from the beginning. Every new redesign project we bring in, we’ll donate 5% to a charity of that projects choice (or if they have no preference, we’ll donate to one of our chosing).

That’s right, every new web redesign project we bring in, we’ll be giving back to the community! We will poll our followers on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for charity ideas and even post proof of our payments being sent out to these charities.

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