The Misfits

Misfit Crystal

Owner & Developer
Crystal is an award-winning developer that has been involved in the website process since the first sites started being developed in the early 90′s. With a heavy technical development background, Crystal knows the ins and outs of the entire workflow of getting your site launched, and what it takes to meet your needs in a timely fashion. She has worked for global agencies as a Front-End Developer, Search Engine Optimizer, Internet Marketing Manager, and Project Manager, so she has a full-circle set of skills available for you. Her vision for Misfit Interactive is to provide a leg-up for small businesses on their competition.

Crystal is passionate about being in #TeamMisfit to stand out while still keeping in touch with her small-town roots to support small businesses.

When not managing clients & projects, writing clean SEO-friendly code for your website, or staying up to date on the latest web trends and technologies, Crystal runs several blogs on health & finance, sings a mean rendition of Johnny Cash with her guitar, and enjoys farming, working on her bronco, and playing outdoors.

Misfit Cat

Web Content Specialist and Search Engine Optimizer
Maryland SEO CompanyIt’s no surprise to anyone nowadays that search engine algorithms are getting smarter when it comes to language. This means that any SEO strategy that’s worth its salt needs to have good, original content that provides user value – because that’s really what all of these algorithms are about – rewarding sites that provide user value with those all-important higher search engine rankings that help bring customers to your site in the first place. Here is where people like Cat come in. With experience in everything from blog posts, to copy, ghostwriting, and straight-up content, Cat’s philosophy is that value for the user is value for her clients. Whether you want to tweak your existing content as part of a wider optimization strategy or create completely new content, Cat will work with you to find out exactly what you need and deliver as part of the #TeamMisfit package.


Misfit Linda

Receptionist and Misfit Greeter
Linda brings a smile and a friendly voice to #TeamMisfit as our new Receptionist. A wife with two children from rural South Carolina, Linda knows how to provide the small town customer appreciation and service that Misfit is known for. She shares a passion for the agriculture that Gettysburg PA is known for, due to her family farm roots, and is here to make sure your inquiries and needs are taken care of.

Misfit Mihai

Design Expert
With a background in online marketing, Mihai designs business-focused websites and apps for #TeamMisfit. His approach to all projects here at Misfit Interactive starts with your business goals in mind so you can grow your business helped by a high-converting design. And let’s not forget about aesthetics!

With over 7 years of experience in UI & UX, and having worked for top international companies, Mihai has experience in projects of all sizes large and small. He is very passionate about craft beer, sneakers, and travel, as well as providing great experiences for your customers.