Why is SEO important for my company?

Lets put it this way…every company is online in one way or another.  You’re competing with all of the companies in your niche, both online and offline.  Most of your customers are going to be researching online before making the commitment to go with you or your competition.  You want them to be able to find you first, and then make a good impression with an awesome website.   Why would you NOT want to focus on SEO for your company?

How long does it take before my search engine optimization (SEO) improvements start to show?

Google improvements aren’t instant, some updates will take a few days, others will take a few weeks to show.  Within a month you should start to see improvement, but we stress to all clients that SEO takes time and dedication.  You’ll want a dedicated team (I.E. us) to stay on top of your SEO.  It’s not a “one task and you’re done” type of deal, it requires maintenance.

Why do you recommend a blog for my site?

Content is your #1 tool for getting great rankings on Google.  Google wants fresh content, so if you provide regular updates in a blog, Google will notice that.  Not only that, but you’ll want to be seen as an authority in your field and your blog will provide that.  Blogs are also a great way to keep your customers updated on your company news.

Are there any additional or hidden fees for your services?

Nope!  We are up-front about all costs, and we expect our clients to be up-front about their needs.  We won’t charge you extra as long as you don’t try to squeeze in extra work into a quote we’ve already given you.

Can you make my website show up on Google?

Absolutely! And not only that, but we’ll make Google LOVE you.  We know what works, and what doesn’t, and we monitor your site 24/7 to make sure it’s being done right.

Why should I hire Misfit when I have a relative that can create my site for free?

Sure, you can hire your cousin to create your site, but have you ever had a family member or friend flake out on an obligation?  By hiring an experienced company, you are guaranteeing that we are there for YOUR disposal.  Our living is to keep you satisfied, it’s not through familial obligation.

Can Misfit maintain my website, or set up my website so I can maintain it myself?

The answer to these is: YES.  We can maintain your website for you so that you don’t have to.  You are busy running your company, why should you be busy maintaining your website too?  However, if you would like a more hands-on approach, we set up all of our sites to be as easily maintainable as possible and provide step-by-step instruction for you to use to keep your website up to date.  We are also always on call to stay your retainer for your web maintenance needs.

Can you host my website?

Yes!  We offer hosting to all of our clients at a very good rate.  The longer you pay for hosting, the cheaper it gets. View our hosting prices and remember that we offer rabid backups, malware protection, and the highest level of security and attention.

When can I expect my maintenance changes to be done on my site?

Small changes we can usually get done same-day if we aren’t extremely busy dealing with emergencies.  Significant changes will take a little longer, but we always make sure all of our clients are satisfied and will work extra hours to make sure you are taken care of.

How long will it take to create a website?

This is another one of those questions that varies depending on how complicated the website is going to be. General small business websites we can get done in about 3 weeks or less.  If you want to sell products or have additional functionality, it will take extra time.