Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great way to market to your target audience and maintain a relationship with your customers. Beyond marketing, it is also a great tool to maintain your brand reputation.

At Misfit, we offer several different types of social media packages depending on your company’s needs and goals, but we also provide custom solutions if you need something a little different.

Keep in mind that social media is not meant to be a “lead generating” tool, but more a “relationship building” tool. We can get you traffic all day long, but it will always ultimately be up to you to make the sale. No one can sell your product if you have a crappy product or customer service. So think of us more like your teammate rather than your salesperson. We can get them in the door, but we can’t make the sale without your help along the way.


Social Media Marketing

What You Get With Social Media Marketing:

  • We do all the research on niche-specific topics, tips, and information to represent your company
  • We post regularly on your social media channels for you
  • We create all of the colorful eye-catching graphics and videos to increase user engagement
  • We develop and design all ad campaigns for you
  • We research and setup all demographics to target your ads very specifically so you are paying for the highest quality clicks
  • We work with you directly to represent your company
  • We provide all necessary stat reports and strategy

Our Packages

Starter Package

  • Weekly branded social media posts relating to your industry (approx 3 posts per week) on 2 major social networks
  • Custom graphics created to brand social media pages to your company
  • Weekly paid advertisement on Facebook (ad spend not included)
  • Includes account setup if needed

For companies that are new to the avenue of social marketing and aren’t set on which social media avenues they want to explore or whether it’s beneficial.

Engagement Package

  • Weekly branded social media posts relating to your industry (approx 5 posts per week) on 3 major social networks
  • You'll receive all assets from the Starter Package
  • Interaction with your customer base through social media to promote discussion
  • Finding additional industry networks to follow with your social media accounts
  • We’ll find local groups in the areas you service and post as your company on your behalf
  • Weekly paid advertisement on Facebook (ad spend not included)
  • Monthly strategy and analytics
  • 1 Video creation per month

For businesses who simply want a professional to take over their social network management to keep accounts interesting, active and relevant.

Traffic Generation

  • Daily branded social media posts relating to your industry (approx 7-10 posts per week) on all major social networks
  • You'll receive all assets from the Engagement & Starter Package
  • Includes Google My Business optimization and posts
  • Includes LinkedIn page builder
  • Weekly paid advertisement on Facebook and LinkedIn (ad spend not included)
  • Weekly strategy sessions as desired to help develop ongoing strategy
  • Videos created weekly

For companies who want to replace an in-house social media manager and have a dedicated social marketer for daily engagement.

Which One Is Best For My Business?

The number #1 question we get from clients interested in developing a social media strategy, is which platform should they use? That’s dependent on a few things.

  1. Your goal (are you building a brand? are you looking for clients? are you trying to get a hold of your brand reputation?)
  2. Your audience (where does your audience hang out? It’s unlikely they hang out everywhere)

We also never recommend a business be only on one platform or rely solely on social media marketing for their business. What happens if your most powerful network has a day where it’s down? It takes an understanding of your business, its goals, and what you feel comfortable putting out there to really determine which network you should focus on. But let’s give a brief overview of each.

Social Networks and Their Uses


Facebook is still the biggest platform available, so we'll always recommend that a business remain on facebook, regardless. It's great for reviews, getting recognized locally and building up a brand reputation.


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and share their ad manager platform, is great if your business has a visual aspect that is interesting. Before & After photos, travel, fashion, etc. Keep in mind, every industry can have something visually interesting about it posted online.


Twitter is a great resource for finding new potential clients or responding to support requests. A lot of larger brands utilize it for responding to criticism, answering questions, or even simply viral engagement. Unfortunately twitter takes a lot of content regularly to build up a complete strategy.


LinkedIn is built for professionals, whether they are in business or looking to represent their personal skillset and find a job. It's highly underutilized and if you do a lot of B2B business, this is the place to be.


Youtube is the #1 resource for teaching people with how-to videos, explainers, commercials, etc. You can utlize their advertising platform or use it simply to host all of your educational video material for your website or to educate your clients.


We love Tiktok simply for the ability for anyone to post something and suddenly go viral without any keywords or hashtags at all. If you are wanting to have fun with your strategy, everything can be used to boost your brand on Tiktok to young adults (and even older adults more and more)


Like YouTube, Pinterest is fantastic for sharing what you know for people who need to learn it. If you have some quick tips about your industry, some how-to's, design inspiration etc, Pinterest is where people go to make scrapbooks of ideas for future use.


Still a leading platform for the younger generations, Snapchat is still utlized by politicians, celebrities, and brands who are targetting a younger crowd for business. More meant to really show your creativity, engagement and brand, Snapchat is a unique source for businesses to utilize.

I can just do my social Media Myself

You could…

But here’s the thing, there are many social networks out there, and each one is intended for a different style of content, and the users respond to content different on each platform.

So I would ask you then, in addition to running your business, managing your staff, doing the work/service your business provides, keeping up with your basic online presence such as website and search results, going to networking events, doing the administrative work, making sales,e tc…, do you really need to learn all of the different social networks, create all the graphics, come up with the copy, edit videos (or even learn how to edit videos) all on top of that?

I mean even typing that out is daunting.

There are also a lot of poor tactics used by businesses on social media that we have unfortunately witnessed first hand.

Poor Social Media Tactic Examples

Yes, all of these are real and witnessed by us directly.

The Political Rant

A local business owner went on a rant about an opposing political party saying something akin to "look out for these people when the time comes" while posting pictures of political signs in folks yards.

Why this is bad

It's okay to have political opinions, but if you representing a brand, whether it's your own or your company boss, you are always a representation of that brand even in your personal life. The same goes for non-profits you serve, clubs you belong to, etc. You have an obligation to always represent them or (should someone file a complaint) you risk reaping public consequences for those actions and opinions. Read more about this specific example.

The Copy and Paster

A business owner takes the same post, same format, same everything and copies and pastes it across every social network not thinking about how it represents their company.

Why this is bad

There are definitely instances where copying and pasting comes in handy, but there's also plenty of reasons why it doesn't work.

Gifs can't be posted on Instagram or Google my business, Videos on Twitter are limited to 2 minutes, Tiktok videos can be limited to 3 or 10 minutes, Instagram and Youtube are 30 seconds and 1 minute for reels and shorts, respectively. Instagram posts are inherently square, while Facebook is slightly different. So images will get cut off, look funky, or otherwise not even post because you try to post the same thing across all platforms. It takes time to customize these so we take that burden off your plate, also.

The Late Night Drunken Posts

A local business owner decided while drunk one evening to respond to a negative review about his business by calling the customer "Fat" and that he would need to widen the door for her next time.

Why this is bad

I mean, I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, but let's highlight a few things. First, even if a customer is exhibiting poor behavior, it's never a good idea to be unprofessional in your response. There have been plenty of negative reviews where the response from the business actually "sold" me on doing business with them because of how professional it was. We all know customers are not always right anymore, but we can still saddle an appropriate response.

Secondly, when you hire us, we take over responding to reviews for you, or at least consult with you before having you respond directly. This helps keep your decorum on point but also takes the burden off of you for having to respond to everything on your own.

The Serial Booster & Fake Likes

This user boosts everything, just tossing money into the wind to try to make it seem like their post is doing well or they just want the likes and don't care about the quality of their following.

Why this is bad

The issue with boosting posts, which we'd like to mention is the absolute laziest way to spend money, is it doesn't work the way people think it will. Boosting posts gets you the absolute bottom barrel audience on your posts that you won't be making sales through when it comes to using Facebook ads. You want serious targetted ad campaigns in order to get the most for your money.

We also once had a web design company hire us to maintain their social media, and when we did an audit of their existing social strategy, we noticed their previous social media person paid to have likes from the other side of the globe, which is not his target audience. So every time he boosted posts, he was throwing away money into countries like India where he doesn't do business. Luckily they hired us so we were able to turn their social strategy around, but it also hurts a business not knowing what their social media person is doing.

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