Web3 and NFT Marketing

What is web3?

Web3 is a term that basically describes the next evolution of the internet and NFT Marketing is about to be the next big evolution in marketing. We’re still in the very early stages of it, but it is growing rapidly and businesses will need to adapt as it becomes more widely available as Web3 and NFT Marketing become a thing.

Essentially, Web3 is the version of the internet that involves ownership. Digital currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Metaverses and all of the in-between are now being incorporated and adopted by large brands such as Meta, Adidas, Gary Vaynerchuk, and more.

More importantly, it is decentralized, which basically means there’s no one ownership or government ownership of the item, but rather the authority of ownership by the user or users belonging to a network. Once you own the item, you own it, and no manner of demands from anywhere can take it from you. You are responsible for the asset, can keep or sell the asset, and can lose the asset with no liability on anyone except yourself.

Big Brands Jumping into NFT's

NFT Marketing

What's the difference between web3 and web2 or web1?


  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • NFTs
  • AR
  • Metaverse
  • Digital Assets
  • Decentralization
  • Smart Contracts
  • Read-Write-Execute


  • Blogs
  • Online Commenting
  • Social Media
  • Cloud Storage
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Streaming & Digital Ownership
  • Data Analytics & SEO
  • File/Info Sharing
  • Read-Write


  • Static Websites
  • Geocities
  • Email & Chatrooms
  • Server Side Only
  • Website Counters
  • Dial-Up
  • Read-Only

How can web3 work for my business? Do I even need it?

Boss Beauties NFT
One of our owned NFT's from Boss Beauties

As web3 is still very early in its inception and the current environment is still experimenting with the capabilities and possibilities of how businesses can take advantage of it whether it’s Web3 onboarding, understanding crypto security or NFT Marketing.

Some methods we’ve seen so far:

  • Selling convention or webinar tickets that can then be proof of purchase for future discounts and utility
  • Starbucks recently revealed a web3-based rewards program
  • Disney recently posted a job position for a Web3 lawyer, so we may see some innovation from them moving forward
  • Creating a VIP lounge of loyal customers that will receive perks for ownership of your token
  • Virtual fashion shows and concerts
  • Galleries that show off portfolios in the metaverse

But I can do this in web2?

If you do not have the interest or resources to look into web3 technology, there’s certainly no reason to jump right in without a plan if you can accomplish the same outcome without it.

However, keep in mind a lot of businesses shirked the idea of utilizing Tiktok for business and now many businesses are jumping on that bandwagon to market themselves. If you want to be early and innovative by seeing what you can do with NFT Marketing, now is the time to do it to establish yourself before your competition does.

What web3 services does Misfit provide?

NFT Marketing

At Misfit, we’ve been in the digital game over two decades, so it makes sense that we will automatically jump into new niches and technologies when they emerge and all the new ways to get your brand in front of potential clients with NFT Marketing.

However, not all businesses can make time or deal with the frustration of always learning something new, and that’s where we come in.

We not only understand the NFT market, but we’re in it daily. We know where your audience is lurking, how to communicate with the NFT community, and best practices when it comes to getting your brand in front of that audience.

We can setup press releases, manage social media for your project across any and all platforms, and even create your project website.

Discord Security & Maintenance

A lot of web3 brands are utilizing Discord as a way to gather their audience together to build community, make announcements and create dialogue and interest from holders.

That also means these communities are a target for scammers. In fact, more than $100 million has been stolen between January and August of 2022 so far because of user-error and not understanding how to keep safe.

We not only provide educational onboarding for your audience but setup a secure discord with all the necessary precautions to keep them as safe as possible.

Brand Consulting

If you are a brand simply looking to understand web3, NFT’s and the blockchain, we can be a resource for you and strategize on how to best utilize web3 to build your brand.

User Onboarding & Safety and Security

If you want to understand how to jump into web3 either as a business or an individual, we can provide access through one of our own built resources that walks you through the entire process from creating a wallet to purchasing your first crypto to jump into a metaverse to see how things work.

We will also highlight the most common scams and what you need to do in order to keep your assets safe. You’ll have access to an exclusive community environment and early access to our own upcoming NFT drop.

Community Management and Moderation

While you are busy building your brand and company, if you are looking to dive into web3 and perhaps launch your own project, you’ll need someone to maintain it and moderators to enforce rules and keep everything on-brand.

We have an influx of trusted and vetted moderators knowledgeable and experienced in NFT’s and web3 that can jump in and hit the ground running.

Web3 Projects We're Involved In

Paris World (Paris Hilton)
Boss Beauties

Discord Security & Maintenance Pricing


  • Setup 3-Step Verification System
  • Audit existing/new role permissions
  • Audit all channel permissions
  • Install bots to handle raids, spam, automoderation and filters
  • Proper detailed logging for moderators
  • Audit default server settings
  • Launch Day Monitoring
  • Install ticketing system
  • Master list of banned usernames
  • Setup allowed usernames and roles
  • Moderator Manual and Training


$1000 / month
  • Daily check-in on recent joins to verify legit accounts
  • Daily cleanse of server for any banned usernames
  • Daily review of logs for any suspicious activity
  • Answer discord technical questions in tickets
  • Ongoing training and support for moderators
  • Emergency contact via phone, discord DMs or Slack
  • Add new features as needed

Professional Moderation

$6000 / month
  • We'll provide an 3-person team of qualified, trained and vetted moderators
  • Daily community engagement
  • Review of logs and report to security or admin team
  • Maintaining server rules and environment
  • Support ticket management
  • Create engaging activities within the community
  • Provide customer support for the project
  • Greet and educate new members
  • Poll community regularly for feedback and suggestions
  • Keep an eye out for scammers both on discord and fake social accounts

Community Package

$12000 / month
  • Everything from other packages included
  • We'll provide the entire Discord Team
  • You will have a dedicated Security personnel to audit and maintain your discord
  • You will have an entire vetted team of Discord moderators
  • You will have an assigned collaboration manager to help grow your outreach
  • We will provide a vetted and experienced community manager to run your entire discord community
  • We will provide monthly insights into Discord growth and engagement
  • We will provide 24/7 emergency support
  • We will maintain and manage your social media, marketing and outreach strategy

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