Paris World (Paris Hilton)

The Project

Paris World is the community built around the Queen of the Metaverse, Paris Hilton. After our work in security in the NFT space, we were contacted by Paris’ team to help setup a safe place for her community to come party and slive together while celebrating web3 and the metaverse.

Our Work

Discord Maintenance

We provided general support, education, and maintenance since fall 2022.

Discord Audit and Security Monitoring

In September 2022 we were brought in to do a security audit and monitoring to continue to keep the server secure.

What they said...

If I (and the entire Paris Hilton team) could give Crystal/Misfit Interactive 1 million stars I/we would. There is simply no one else like Crystal and your business, brand, or community is already behind in security if you don't have Crystal on your team.

Crystal is responsive, proactive, a team-player, and a vital asset when it comes to security and design. She is entrenched in the space, always learning, and has a "let's figure it out" attitude that is unmatched. Not only will Crystal bring so much inherently to your business, but you will also learn alongside her and witness her constantly teach, experiment, and grow with you when you have evolving needs. As a professional, Crystal is top-rated and should be recognized for her work in her craft.

Crystal's involvement in the web3 community is truly unique and again, unmatched. Her experience in a variety of communities via Discord sets her (and you) up for success. Crystal's knowledge and connections will only ever benefit you and, arguably, launch you to a height that is largely based on her own connections.

For example, when we launched Paris Hilton's official Discord channel Crystal immediately stepped in with connections to other communities, members instantly recognized (and perhaps more importantly felt safe) seeing Crystal in the server, and offered feedback and priceless assistance in ensuring safety for all.

If I'm being honest, I (and likely you) will be forever indebted to the experience, knowledge, and connections Crystal has so wonderfully and graciously provided.

Crystal is not just about security and data. She is a true people person and has a deep understanding of aesthetics, design, and UX. I have first hand witnessed, on multiple occasions, Crystal having a deep understanding of Paris Hilton's brand, voice, and aesthetic without ever being told. Crystal is able to pick up quickly, adapt, and invent assets that matter (and are vital, no matter if you know it or not) to your community. While this is just a part of Crystal's skillset, it is one that should never go unnoticed or undervalued.

While the Paris Hilton team would love to keep Crystal forever, we also acknowledge that the power of Crystal is her broad and deep understanding of this space. When Crystal steps into a new venture (hopefully and luckily yours) she is bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and power that others cannot. And, in turn, those learning only empower the communities she already works with.

Crystal lead security/safety/and *so much* for the initial launch of Paris Hilton's Discord and we look forward to continuing to work with her. While Paris is an iconic pop-culture, entertainment, and web3 maven... and Crystal is the human behind the scenes making sure it all went smoothly. Bring Crystal on. And bring her on now.
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