Our Story

It all started with a few awesome coworkers and a casual “what if.”

What if we we can build a company that actually helps people? You know, a business that isn’t here just for the profit and well-balanced books. Having worked for other companies, we know what makes a socially-responsible business, as well as the practices used by many big players in the industry that we find unacceptable. At this note, it feels appropriate to thank our former bosses – brilliant leaders, talented salesmen or tough managers – we’ve learned a lot from your successes and failures.
Don’t get us wrong – as a business, we need to be profitable, but we can achieve this while staying flexible with our contracts, being honest with our clients and generous with our profits. (Check out what we do to help the community.)

The Misfit Philosophy

A misfit is a state of being – being amazingly talented, hungry for knowledge, eager to help and happy with your inner quirkiness that is. We are not anti-social, self-absorbed or pompous in any way. Quite the opposite – all of our misfits are very approachable and friendly. We simply didn’t agree with some of the ways businesses are run these days, so we are fixing this the best way we can.  We are walking our talk and being the change we want to see in business.  So we decided to create the type of company that we wanted to work for, and the company that you wanted to do business with.

All of our misfits are knowledgable and passionate about what they do, whether it’s web design, online marketing, copywriting, social media or this new thing you haven’t heard about yet. We are also a bit of health nuts with green thumbs with a deep respect for the environment. Maybe that’s why we are in a digital business?

If you want to learn more about our wonderful team, go ahead and meet the misfits!