Get noticed through Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

In simple terms, video marketing is using video to promote your brand or service. Think of it kind of like a commercial you see on TV, but way more affordable and it can reach a lot more people through your digital marketing strategy.

Types of Video Marketing

Video Promotions or Branded Informational Videos
Live Video – When you go live, you’re providing live, television-like entertainment or Q/A style sessions.

Explainer Videos – These tend to be educational, often cartoon videos, but the goal is the same. They explain products, services, tips or knowledge to the customer in an educational format.

Product/Service Videos – Product sample videos, walk-throughs, and marketing videos are a great way to show off your work

Storytelling Videos – These can be “behind the scene” style videos, social responsibility videos, or videos that touch the customer in a way that really connects your brand with them

Customer Videos – These can be user-generated content and an easy way to increase your brand awareness. This can also include things like unboxing videos, product reviews, and customer testimonials

Webinars – Providing educational webinars and pre-recorded webinars are a great way to provide value to your customers

…and there are many more!

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An animated explainer video

Why Video Marketing Is Important

Video Marketing Increases Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Websites are 53 times MORE likely to reach Google’s front page if they include video. Not only that, but Google lists videos before regular websites when it comes to users searching for answer to their questions.

Let’s not forget, Google is the #1 search engine and YouTube is #2. Both are owned by Google, and both like video over written content.

Boost Your Conversion And Retention Rates

57% of online consumers were more likely to buy a product after watching a video demonstration. It also helps your customers gain a better understanding of your products and services

Retention rates for video without audio is about 20%, audio-only is about 10%. Video, however? 80% boost to your conversion rate!!

YouTube reports that video consumption increases by 100% every year. Since 2013 mobile video views have grown more than 233%. 90% of mobile users consume video on their cellphone (we’re definitely part of that percentage!), especially while at home.

68% of consumers also prefer to watch a video to resolve their issue rather than call or talk with chat support.

Increase Your Visibility On Social Media

Social Media posts that include Video get 43% more views than those without.

With all of the social media platforms making it easier for consumers and businesses alike to post video, from Facebook Live, IGTV, TikTok and more, it’s easier for your customers to share video content. Since video content is more engaging than any other content, they are more likely to share that content than anything else. In fact, 76% of social media users say they would share branded video content if it was entertaining.

Let’s You Connect To Your Audience And Build Trust

Being able to connect to your audience on an emotional level has a massive impact for your business. Due to the fear of security on the internet, people are wary of buying online, but 57% of consumers say videos give them more confidence to make a purchase.

81% Of Businesses Use Video Marketing In Their Digital Strategy, So If You Aren’t, You’re Falling Behind Fast.

Video Marketing is more affordable and widespread, and now becoming more necessary than ever before.

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