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"Crushing it"

Gary Vaynerchuk


If I (and the entire Paris Hilton team) could give Crystal/Misfit Interactive 1 million stars I/we would. There is simply no one else like Crystal and your business, brand, or community is already behind in security if you don't have Crystal on your team.

Crystal is responsive, proactive, a team-player, and a vital asset when it comes to security and design. She is entrenched in the space, always learning, and has a "let's figure it out" attitude that is unmatched. Not only will Crystal bring so much inherently to your business, but you will also learn alongside her and witness her constantly teach, experiment, and grow with you when you have evolving needs. As a professional, Crystal is top-rated and should be recognized for her work in her craft.

Crystal's involvement in the web3 community is truly unique and again, unmatched. Her experience in a variety of communities via Discord sets her (and you) up for success. Crystal's knowledge and connections will only ever benefit you and, arguably, launch you to a height that is largely based on her own connections.

For example, when we launched Paris Hilton's official Discord channel Crystal immediately stepped in with connections to other communities, members instantly recognized (and perhaps more importantly felt safe) seeing Crystal in the server, and offered feedback and priceless assistance in ensuring safety for all.

If I'm being honest, I (and likely you) will be forever indebted to the experience, knowledge, and connections Crystal has so wonderfully and graciously provided.

Crystal is not just about security and data. She is a true people person and has a deep understanding of aesthetics, design, and UX. I have first hand witnessed, on multiple occasions, Crystal having a deep understanding of Paris Hilton's brand, voice, and aesthetic without ever being told. Crystal is able to pick up quickly, adapt, and invent assets that matter (and are vital, no matter if you know it or not) to your community. While this is just a part of Crystal's skillset, it is one that should never go unnoticed or undervalued.

While the Paris Hilton team would love to keep Crystal forever, we also acknowledge that the power of Crystal is her broad and deep understanding of this space. When Crystal steps into a new venture (hopefully and luckily yours) she is bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and power that others cannot. And, in turn, those learning only empower the communities she already works with.

Crystal lead security/safety/and *so much* for the initial launch of Paris Hilton's Discord and we look forward to continuing to work with her. While Paris is an iconic pop-culture, entertainment, and web3 maven... and Crystal is the human behind the scenes making sure it all went smoothly. Bring Crystal on. And bring her on now.

Rachel Basoco

Paris Hilton's Team

Crystal has been great to work with and is always on top of our discord security. Having strong security practices is extremely important for us and it's been relieving having her manage this for us. Thanks Crystal!

Connor Pearson


Crystal, along with Misfit, has been an invaluable asset to our company as a web developer. Her expertise in web3 technology has provided our members with innovative access to cutting-edge solutions. Working with Crystal has been an absolute pleasure; she is not only professional but also incredibly accommodating and supportive. Her guidance during our startup phase has played a crucial role in our company’s success. One of her remarkable strengths is seamlessly integrating web3 with web2, making her an ideal choice for any company seeking to elevate and develop its platforms. We highly recommend Crystal for her exceptional skills, knowledge, and delightful personality.

Amanda Archer

First Ape Wives Club (With Crystal Hefner)

Such a wonderful team, kind people with talent and skill. My only recommendation in this space, for websites through to videos and editing and everything in between.

Daniel Strode

Daniel Strode

Creativity, thoughtfulness, and connectivity! That's what Misfit Interactive has done for Baxter Environmental Group, Inc. They took the time and energy to get to know us and our team . . . and then shared it with the world! Thanks!

Jocelyn Melton

Baxter Environmental Group

Excellent service and very knowledgeable about website design. 

John Simpkins

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

I've had the pleasure of work with Crystal Groves & Misfit Interactive for the past year.

She has driven the strategy & implementation of all security measures for our community Discord server.

She continues to stay abreast & implement the latest best practices. Her attention to detail, response time & client communication is incredible.

I highly recommend Crystal & Misfit Interactive!

Renae Regen


Extremely thorough and knowledgeable on Discord security practices. Always one step ahead of bots and nefarious actors. Highly recommend

David E


Crystal from Misfit helped us with high security in our discord server. Did everything for us with recommendations, bots, and channel setup. We're very happy with their work! (FameLadySquad)

Jordan Garafola

Fame Lady Squad

Crystal Groves at Misfit Interactive is a professional who really knows about websites, SEO and Social Media and effectively helps our business with all those and more. We highly recommend her and Misfit Interactive!

Craig Valarik

Professional Referral Exchange

Crystal, the driving force in Misfit Interactive, is a savvy and sophisticated internet marketer, social media expert and well-rounded technology maven. You will not be disappointed in bringing Crystal of Misfit Interactive into the professional support team of your company

Bill Higbee

Professional Referral Exchange

Great website design and takes the time to explain everything and to give lots of tips and suggestions and they're active in our community 

Deborah Fore

Fore's Home Services

Crystal is very informative and willing to reach out. 

Gary Rudisill

Rudisill Imprinted Apparel

Professional, courteous, and creative. Crystal does an amazing job creating and maintaining my online presence. I can't recommend her enough and am beyond pleased with the service and results.

Kelly Spina


Very active in creating a small business community in the area, always coming up with new ideas and ways to network.

Jennifer Esposito

State Line Graphic Design

Crystal and the team over at Misfit are true professionals. They took our idea and concept and made them into a reality. They have gone above and beyond in helping us launch our project and we are so grateful to have connected with them. Highly recommend. You won’t regret it.
Thanks again MisFit team!


Gettysburg Tax Pros

I came to Misfit Interactive to create an author website with for my upcoming book launch. Misfit Interactive listened to my wants and desires and were able to not only anticipate my needs but to work with me to create the website I’d been dreaming about. 100% would recommend.

Amy Blackthorn


Crystal is always professional and prompt. It’s rare to find someone who takes such great pride in their work.

Jen Thompson

Another hosting service left me and my businesses in a lurch with frequent, multi-day down times, and barely an apology, Crystal was able to get my websites’ hosting switched quickly and easily while preserving my existing emails, and get me back to work. I am impressed with the service, communication, and perseverance Crystal provides her clients. It’s a night and day difference compared to some of the big, impersonal companies out there, and I’ve worked with a fair number of them. I’m very happy with Misfit Interactive.


Herbal Prepper

Extremely professional, high quality work. Crystal knows her stuff, couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.


Finnigan Strings

Misfit Interactive worked on a number of projects for us. One community based and the other was launching a small business web site. Very pleased with Crystal’s attention to detail and service.

Kathy Glahn

Adams County Farmer's Market Association

The hosting support my site has received from Misfit has been incredible. The team knows what they are doing and it shows throughout everything they do.

Josh Heath

High Level Games

Misfit has done an excellent job creating several websites for us.

Great service and response time.

Patricia Forsythe

Forsythe Tax & Accounting

Crystal designed and has helped to manage the webpage for our church for over 15 years and we simply could not have done it without her!

Reverend Caryn MacLuan

I've known Crystal for a long time and she does great work!

Skip Ellison

Dragon's Keep Publishing

Crystal knows her stuff and is a breeze to work with.

David Lentz

David Lentz, LLC

Quality, passion and dedication are three words that come to mind when I think about Misfit Interactive. Quality of the product being delivered to the client, passion to consider an expression of yourself the work you do for your client, and dedication to put all your effort to deliver on time and exceeding client expectations

Oscar Gagliardi Jr.

RapidHelpTech, LLC

Misfit Interactive is excellent. They really bring an understanding of business and design to the table.


Project 518

Crystal and the team over at Misfit are true professionals. They took our idea and concept and made them into a reality. They have gone above and beyond in helping us launch our project and we are so grateful to have connected with them. Highly recommend. You won't regret it.

Thanks again MisFit team!



We use Misfit Interactive for all of our print designs. In the last year, Crystal and her team have done an amazing job designing all of our brochures, postcards, price sheets and other marketing collateral. Additionally, they have performed outstanding graphic design work and are experts in the social media realm. Looking forward to continuing our long-term relationship with this company.

Nathan Neil


Misfits provide the highest quality service and professional web design in the area hands down. They are a professional top quality business with great customer service. They make you feel a part of the team each and every time you contact them

Jason Dayhoff


I transferred my website from another hosting service to Misfit a few months ago and I couldn't be happier with the level of support that I have received from Misfit. My previous hosting company made the transfer exceedingly hard, and so I required quite a bit of help from Crystal to make things work, but now it's all working wonderfully. Excellent customer service!

Cat Heath

Whenever I need guidance with my social media marketing, I contact Crystal at Misfit Interactive. Her depth of knowledge in the many layers of all things social is astounding. As she says, "We love to geek out!"

Christopher Saint Germain

CSG Photos

Misfit Interactive provided us with much-needed technology to help my company grow. From secure e-commerce options to just helping me maintain my courses and schedule. They have always quickly acted on anything I asked them to do. Highly recommended!

Leo Totten

Totten Training

We hired Misfit to manage our social media accounts for two locations. She provided us with all the data, created all the graphics, and made it a seamless and stress-free process. Very happy with Misfit's work.

Mark Wenger

Colony House Furniture

We had a problem with our website where we couldn't figure out the solution. We knew that it was probably something stupid we'd missed, but we just weren't able to determine what was a) causing the issue, or b) how to do more than just "workaround" the problem. Misfit resolved it incredibly quickly and did it at a far better rate than I ever would have thought possible to have someone diagnose and fix. Excellent service, and I recommend them every time I hear someone looking for design talent now.

Michael Dangler

The Magical Druid

We love supporting local businesses, especially ones that actually provide good local services to our community. Misfit Interactive clearly shows their dedication to Gettysburg and we're happy to work with them.

Gettysburg Wire

Misfit is super knowledgeable in the ways of websites and how the internet can help a business. Creates amazing sites, and is on top of any issues that came up.

Tanya Peterson

Epicuria Catering

We 100% recommend Misfit Interactive for your website and marketing needs. Crystal is truly an expert at what she does!

Fore's Home Services

I highly recommend Misfit for graphic design and social media marketing. If you need help with marketing, I highly recommend contacting Misfit Interactive!

J Scott Hill

Hill Financial Solutions

Always a pleasure to do business with someone locally and who has such a sweet peraonality wi5h knowledge of what i was looking for!

Babs Small

Awesome service, awesome owner. Does great design work.

Russell Bostic

I’m so excited to have misfit interactive build me a new website. Very affordable and flexible! Thank you crystal for taking the time to go over everything with me.

Marisel Vasquez

The Healing Stone

Crystal came to my rescue! She saved my website which had been badly mangled and mismanaged. We are in the process of rebuilding, updating, and getting reconnected with the world. Since she took over my social media management, my business has picked up beyond what I could have imagined. It is like I’m finally visible! She has been helpful and professional. Thank you Crystal!!

Angelique Peters

Angelique Peters Electrolysis

Crystal is a true pro at what she does! She will provide the utmost service and care to any project she works on for you!

Jennifer Talkington

The Brimming Horn Meadery

I think this girl is awesome! Does a great job! Can not say enough good things! Personally and professionally!

Audrey Felts

Websites built fast! Excellent communication! Would definitely do business with again and will recommend to others!

Kelly Spina

I use Misfit Interactive for my social media manager. Crystal does an awesome job with posting relevant and interesting material for my small business. All of my numbers have increased with her managing my social media accounts. She listens to what I need and makes it happen. I have a real presence now and it has been awesome. Highly recommend checking them out!

Steve Ayton

Breaktime Massage

Crystals has vast knowledge of marketing and admire her public involvement.

Michael Cooper

South Hanover Auto

I recently hired Misfit Interactive to enhance the Falls Road Aikido website. I couldn't believe the amazing job that Crystal did. It is so much more engaging and interactive than before. Crystal was easy to work with and took the time to educate herself on the martial arts world. I highly recommend her to my fellow business owners. Thanks a lot Crystal!

Cara Michele Nether

Falls Road Aikido

I had the opportunity to work with Crystal Groves and Misfit Interactive over the past year. She helped me to build an incredible website for my NFT-enabled real estate course and managed our social media on Twitter and community platform. She is a wealth of information and a great partner to build with. Crystal is continuously learning and finding ways to uplevel her work. Thank you Misfit Interactive!

Pili Yarusi

Yarusi Holdings

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