Google Workspace Setup and Maintenance

Misfit Interactive can set your business up with G-Suite (now called Google Workspace) to help you run your company technology at a fraction of the cost and with a 20% discount your first year!

What is Google Workspace?

Remember the days where you had to have your own company IT professional or contractor, and setting up networks to share files or calendars in your business was such an involved process that it felt like a daily nightmare?

Fortunately, thanks to technology from Google, these days are long gone.  G-Suite, now known as Google Workspace, allows you to maintain a cloud-based network for your business at a reasonable cost and without having an expensive IT retainer or in-house servers. It’s easy for business owners & managers to maintain this network because Google takes the difficulty out of it. However, we’re always available as your on-call nerds if you need assistance or regular maintenance.

What's included in Google Workspace?

  • G-Mail based e-mail with a quality search function and advanced spam protection
  • Google Drive with document, spreadsheet (and more!) creation and sharing, stored on your computer and automatically backed up on the cloud
  • Google Calendar to maintain company scheduling and appointments
  • Google Hangouts to instantly chat with your employees or create video chats and meetings
  • The ability to access all features on your mobile phone easily
  • All apps contained within your company domain, such as
  • …and more!

Don’t just take our word for the quality of Google Workspace. Others have compared Google Workspace and Office365 for cloud based collaboration for business, and Google Workspace definitely gives Office365 a run for its money. Both are quality products, but ultimately it’s what is best for your business.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Contact us today for a free quote to setup and/or maintain your Google Workspace. All Misfit Interactive customers save 10% off their first year of Google Workspace when signing up.

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