What do “Be a Misfit” and “GoodToBeAMisfit” Mean in terms of Marketing?

One of the things I love most about marketing is the journey toward developing a brand.

Imagine the process that Starbucks went through in order to develop its brand. From the logo creation, the colors, the message, the quality, the hype, going viral, and then becoming its own entity worldwide.

It’s like watching a story unfold from birth to legend and everyone has the ability to create their own.

The story of Misfit Interactive is always changing as our skillset, demographics and even the technology changes regularly. Seriously, Google updates its algorithm like 300 times a day, it’s just forever changing. That is what is so exciting to me though, the ability to tell this story and create this history that represents you or your business that people will actually remember for years to come.

Misfit was born out of the idea that we wanted to be different. We wanted to push the envelope, we wanted to stand out and really show people how to be and express the best versions of themselves regardless of what is considered “normal” or “professional”. After all, business is run on need and emotion, so always being professional and trying to “sell” to people rather than connecting with your clients on a personal level will always create a poor and forgettable view of your business. That’s why jingles can be so catchy, are any jingles “professional” or are they simply rememberable?

So “Be a Misfit” is our version of “Just Do It”. We want you and our clients to be the most remarkable version of themselves. Show your colors, the “pizazz”, be authentic, create your brand voice, be personable and be different than all of the suits that look like every other suit on Wall Street. Think about what your clients are doing, browsing, reading and watching and be what makes them pause and see YOU.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of “GoodToBeAMisfit” or “Be A Misfit” in coming campaigns. We have a lot coming down the pipeline to not only teach, but also connect with you directly and be your source for making sure your brand is unique and stands out so you aren’t even thinking about your competition.

I mean……what competition?


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