Celebrating Our ‘Local Business Person of the Year’ Award and Reflecting on the Real Measure of Success

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We’re thrilled to announce that Misfit Interactive has been named “Local Business Person of the Year” in Gettysburg for 2024! And not just that, but we were also in the top 50 for all of the United States and Canada. It’s an honor to receive recognition in our beloved community as we’re no stranger to being known as the Best Gettysburg Web Design Company. However, as we celebrate this achievement, it’s important to us to share an honest reflection on what such awards represent and how they align with our values and understanding of true success.

The Nature of Business Awards

When we first heard about the “Local Business Person of the Year” contest, we weren’t planning to participate. Our focus has always been on delivering quality work and exceptional service, rather than chasing accolades. However, upon noticing some questionable tactics employed by other contenders, including rallying non-local votes to boost numbers overnight, our curiosity was piqued. We decided to throw our hat in the ring, not just to compete, but to understand the mechanics of these contests.

To our surprise, winning turned out to be relatively straightforward, leading us to a broader contemplation about the nature of such competitions. Often, these contests can morph into popularity races, where the number of votes outweighs the actual quality and impact of a business’s work. This revelation was particularly poignant for us, a team deeply committed to genuine, impactful service.

Understanding the True Measure of Success

Our path to get this award has been enlightening and has brought to light an important reality: trophies and titles are not the true indicators of a company’s value. Rather, it is demonstrated by the happiness of our clients (as well as their testimonials), the caliber of the work we do (which we take great pleasure in), and the beneficial effects we have on the community.

Many competitions in the business awards world, such as renowned ones like the Webbys or Addys, charge entry fees. Because of this financial barrier, entry-level positions frequently skew the field, favoring those who can afford to participate over the best candidates. To be honest, this insight confirms our belief that these kinds of competitions are inadequate to accurately gauge a company’s honesty and caliber.

Beyond Awards: What Really Matters

At Misfit Interactive, our focus remains steadfast on what truly matters:

  1. Client Satisfaction: The positive feedback and ongoing trust from our clients are our most cherished accolades. Knowing that we’ve met and exceeded their expectations is our primary goal and the most authentic indicator of our success.
  2. Quality of Work: We pride ourselves on the high standard of our services. Whether it’s web design, SEO, social media management, video production, or virtual assistance, we commit to delivering top-notch work that genuinely benefits our clients.
  3. Community Impact: As a local business in Gettysburg, our community’s well-being is paramount. We strive to contribute positively, whether through our services or community involvement, and that’s a measure of success that truly resonates with us.
  4. Integrity and Transparency: Maintaining a transparent and ethical business practice is core to our identity. We believe in honesty, hard work, and fairness, values that guide every decision and interaction.

Celebrating the Win, But Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize

While we appreciate the recognition that comes with the “Local Business Person of the Year” award, our celebration is tempered with the understanding of what truly defines us. We didn’t enter this competition for the attention, but rather for the knowledge, and what we’ve discovered has only strengthened our dedication to our true purpose.

To our clients, colleagues, and the wider Gettysburg community, thank you for your continued support. It is your belief in us that drives our continued commitment to excellence. Awards may come and go, but the relationships we build, the services we provide, and the impact we have on our community are the true end goal.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to being the Misfit Interactive you know and trust – a company defined not by the awards in our cabinet, but by the quality of our work, the satisfaction of our clients, and the integrity of our practices. Here’s to many more years of serving you with the excellence you deserve!

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