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Sometimes these feel like buzzwords and out-of-reach technology to the small business owner. We get it, this stuff is intimidating.

We’ve been heavily in the Web3, NFT, and Crypto space over the last year, so much that we’ve been security consultants for some very large projects like Boss Beauties, where we are also part of the team, who are now partnered with Barbie, Marvel, and even sponsored a Nascar driver. We’ve also been a part of the community maintenance team for Gary Vaynerchuk in his VeeFriends project. We also provide security consultation for MyBFF which was created by Brit Morin and Jaime Schmidt and involves several large celebrities such as Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks, and Kate Hudson.

So it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about this new technology and how it can be utilized for business or even personal use. That doesn’t make it any less intimidating or even seem like an alien language for businesses that have never stepped foot in the metaverse.

Boss Beauties NFT
One of our owned NFT’s from Boss Beauties

This is where the Misfits come in to provide NFT Marketing and Education

We’re developing a resource that is built to help those new to the NFT space, understand the ins and outs, the risks, and walk-throughs on how to participate.

If you are part of our public Facebook group or Discord, we’ll also be providing what alpha (another buzzword for early tips and rumors), how-to’s, basic guidelines, and helpful information so you too can learn about NFTs.

What’s more, we’re developing a marketing guide for NFT projects, how small businesses can participate and utilize this new technology, and of course, all of the security information you could possibly want to know to mitigate risk and issues in the future.

For example, we are working on our own NFT projects, one of which will be centered around marketing, education, and creating a very newbie-friendly environment for those wanting to be a part of the web3 universe. You could easily be a part of this by following along and maybe joining our mailing list or facebook group. In this group we’ll be available to brainstorm ideas on how NFTs could work with your business, or simply how to setup a wallet and invest on a personal level, whichever direction you want to take.

I won’t lie and say NFTs aren’t risky or even scary. If I were to give you an immediate tip right now, it would be to never invest money you can’t afford to lose in NFTs, kinda like with stocks or gambling, because all of this is still a gamble.

On a call with Gary Vaynerchuk
On a call with Gary Vaynerchuk

Like Gary Vee says, we’d never recommend anyone jump into this space without 50 hours of homework first. We’re here to help be your tutor with that homework, so join us on Facebook and Discord, and let’s start learning 🙂

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