E-Commerce Usability Testing Form

Thank you for volunteering to do a usability test for Misfit Interactive.  Below you fill find all of the information you need to complete this usability test, and the form to submit your feedback.

Note: Your information will not be shared with any person or client, and you will not be added to any marketing lists.  This form is strictly for you to provide feedback for us to improve the user experience for this client to increase sales.

Usability Test Information

Website you will be testing:



Discover issues with

  1. Ordering process
  2. Company website professionalism and trust for users
  3. Quality of products presented
  4. Pricing compared to competition
  5. Errors in the ordering process

When creating an order, please go through the entire order process from start to finish.  Use coupon code USABILITY to submit your order with 100% off so that you are not charged any fees.  You will not be submitting a real order, this is simply for testing purposes.  No products will be sent to you due to this usability test.


Here is a list of competitor websites to compare pricing and usability.

Usability Testing Survey

If your name begins with A-C, please submit as a photographer
If your name begins with D-P, please submit as a tradeshow manager
If your name begins with Q-Z, please submit as a regular person