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Chambersburg SEO in a Time of Growth

Chambersburg is a unique place. It is a place where traditional values and a strong local culture still hold sway. A Chambersburg SEO expertsplace where people know the value of hard work and entrepreneurship (something we SEO specialists can well understand). Chambersburg people are proud, and rightfully so – business is booming. We live in a time of growth, homes are being built, and new businesses are popping up all the time.

A Busier Marketplace

However, booming economies don’t just bring healthier bank accounts, but more competition too. Did you know that only 50% of small businesses have websites? This means that half of all businesses are missing out on incredible opportunities to grow their businesses! A recent study found that reaching new customers was a top concern for 66% of small business owners. When you consider that around 70-80% of people research online before visiting small businesses in person, the value of a web presence becomes clear. Having a website allows you to ‘set your shingle out’ in an easily searchable way.

Being Seen and Standing Out

It’s not enough to simply have any old website though. Like your competition on the high street, you want your store – your E-estate- to be attractive and stand out – this is where SEO comes in.

SEO, or Search Engine Marketing is the art of optimizing websites so that they do stand out, ensuring that potential customers find you first instead of your competition. As your Chambersburg SEO experts, we at Misfit Interactive know how to create the best SEO strategy for YOU. Using proven SEO techniques combined with the creative flare that Misfit is known for, we can help you be seen and stand out. With our affordable range of customizable SEO packages, years of SEO experience, and small business focus, we are your Chambersburg SEO experts.

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