Fame Lady Squad

The Project

Fame Lady Squad is one of the most historical NFT projects to date. Having been promoted as a project “for women, by women”, it was later found to be run by some Russian guys pretending to be women.

The community rose up and demanded the reigns be handed over, and several prominent women stepped up to the plate and took over the contract, and made the first anti-rug project in history.

Our Work

Discord Moderator

We provided general support, education, and maintenance since the summer of 2021.

Discord Audit and Security Monitoring

In September 2022 we were brought in to do a security audit and monitoring to continue to keep the server secure.

Graphic Design for community engagement

As we continue to support onboarding new holders, we create graphics as needed to help with educational initiatives within the FLS community.

What they said...

Crystal from Misfit helped us with high security in our discord server. Did everything for us with recommendations, bots, and channel setup. We're very happy with their work!
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