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Misfit Interactive wins Pick of the County for Customer Service

Gettysburg Web Design

As recently announced by the Gettysburg Times, Misfit Interactive has won 3rd place in their yearly “Pick of the Counties” poll to all residents of Adams County, PA for Excellent Customer Service. With over 16,000 votes cast, and without us even mentioning the vote to any clients or on any media platform, we’re VERY humbled to have won for our Customer Service as the best Gettysburg SEO Company in the county. Continue reading

Misfit Now Providing Referral Discounts

Misfit Interactive is happy to announce that we have developed a vendor referral program that benefits both future and past clients.  We love developing relationships with our clients and supporting their growth and business, and our new referral program allows us to do just that.

What sort of discounts are we offering?  It’s pretty simple!

For our existing clients:

  • Web Business ReferralsFor referring new business to us, you can get a a custom discount based on what services you currently use with us.  Whether it is web hosting, maintenance work, social media management, or PPC Marketing, we can create a discount package covering any of your services for each referral.

For referred and/or new business:

  • If you were referred to us by one of our existing clients, you are entitled to a 10% discount on any of our services that we provide.  In return you will also ensure the vendor that referred you also gets their own discount mentioned above.
  • If we refer you to one of our existing clients in this list, they are also willing to provide you with a 10% discount on all of their services.  Just tell them that Misfit referred you and you want to participate in the vendor referral program.

So contact us or any of our preferred vendors today and get referral discounts on your next project!

Misfit Dedicates Itself to Charity With Each Project

Misfit Interactive was born from the idea of helping small businesses compete with the big dogs on the web.  It is on the web that everyone can be equal, no matter their capital, so long as they have great search engine optimization, fresh content, and a kickin’ website.

However, Misfit likes to push the borders of how companies are run and give back to the community. So we have started an initiative that we’ve wanted to incorporate from the beginning. Every new redesign project we bring in, we’ll donate 5% to a charity of that projects choice (or if they have no preference, we’ll donate to one of our chosing).

That’s right, every new web redesign project we bring in, we’ll be giving back to the community! We will poll our followers on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for charity ideas and even post proof of our payments being sent out to these charities.