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The internet is full of buzzwords, especially where online business is concerned. But while some of those buzzwords can seem almost like a fad, others represent concepts that can be keys to business success.

One such term is “online marketing”. But what is online marketing beyond the buzz?

Basically, online marketing is how you get your company seen and talked about online.

It sounds simple, right? However, the actual methodology behind online marketing can actually be quite complicated and overwhelming. Moreover, these methods tend to be costly in terms of time, effort, and yes, money too.

Online Marketing|The Quick and Dirty Overview

SEO or Search Engine Optimization
This is the process of optimizing every part of your website. Everything from the code used to build the site, to the content on each page is included here. Your website needs to be easily digestible for both search engines and people.

You see, it’s all down to the search engines, and how they rank your site among those of your competitors. The sites with the higher rankings appear on the first page of search results. This is important, because most searchers never look beyond the first page of results. So if your site isn’t making that all-important first page, then you’re losing out on a lot of potential customers.

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. Because SEO is all about tweaking a site to improve its ranking. Now, despite what Black Hat SEOs may tell you, there are no shortcuts to this. Because search engines like Google have a vested interest in rewarding the most relevant and quality sites with higher rank. They actually spend a lot of time creating algorithms to ensure that people do just that. SEO done right, and in a way that ensures longterm growth (with no nasty surprises), is a time-consuming activity.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click or PPC

SEM is basically your paid version of SEO. You pay companies like Google or Bing to show your website for specific keyword searches.

Social Marketing
Social marketing is where you take platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and you pay to have ads go out to your specific demographics about your company, product, or event.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the one area that ties in with all of the above. However, this is especially the case with SEO. Because as mentioned above, SEO is all about creating a quality website filled with relevant content.

But it cannot just be relevant to your business. You need to create content that’s not only interesting enough to bring in people who’ve never heard of you. Moreover, that content needs to be authoritative. It needs to be legit, and by extension, convince people of your worth as a company. This in turn encourages them to check out your company, buy from you, and recommend you to their friends.

This is all about reaching your customer base. Because regardless of how much business has changed over the years, customers are still looking to connect. They tend to trust the businesses with whom they have those connections, and consequently do business with them.

So there’s an exchange here. You provide quality content that potential customers enjoy and learn from, and reap the rewards of their business and traffic.

Online Marketing with Misfit Interactive

There are other types of marketing, but those are the main types that specifically relate to your website. Speaking of websites, we at Misfit are all about online marketing in all its forms. In fact, online marketing and web design are our biggest niches!

We have a whole bunch of articles here where you can learn more about online marketing. We also have some great testimonials you can read, and you can find out more about the services we offer here.

Interested? Why not contact us for a free quote and see what Misfit can do for you?

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