Online Marketing

What is online marketing beyond your general internet buzz term? The short and sweet version is that online marketing is a way to get your company seen and talked about online.

Simple right?

The actual methodology behind online marketing can be quite complicated and overwhelming. There are several methods to market yourself online, and most of them intertwine with each other in a glorious web of time, sometimes money, and effort.

Lets break them down briefly.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is, in simple terms, the process of optimizing every part of your website, from code to text, so that it is easily digestable by both search engines and people. Search engine want to understand what your website says, and search companies like Google want your website to be useful for people and not just full of crap text meant to beat the algorithm.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click or PPC
SEM is basically your paid version of SEO. You pay companies like Google or Bing to show your website for specific keyword searches.

Social Marketing
Social marketing is where you take platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and you pay to have ads go out to your specific demographics about your company, product, or event.

Content Marketing
Content marketing really coincides with all of the above, bust most importantly with SEO. This is where you want to create legit, authorative content or media that convinces people to read what you have to say, buy your product, or check out your company. No one wants to follow a page that simply talks about itself and how great it is, and they certainly aren’t going to do it for you. What they want, is something they can use or learn from, so creating content that provides that, but is also going to boost your website in search results is the sweet spot.

There are other types of marketing, but these specifically relate to your website, which is our biggest niche at Misfit.

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