You have a website now, so why aren’t you getting visitors? It’s your website SEO

Website SEO

We’ve been designing websites for clients for years. We love doing it, and we do our best to make sure our sites are designed to be SEO friendly so our clients have a good chance of success for their business right out of the gate.

However, not every client starts to build up an audience to make their website SEO successful, and I can explain why.

You can have the prettiest and most interactive website on the web, but if you aren’t marketing it to show it off, it’s not going to do you a lot of good. It’s the same as having a big beautiful sign outside of your workshop, but your workshop is 10 miles off of a main road with no other sign indicating where you are located on any additional roads. Or better yet, having a sleek and professional business card, but never handing it out to anyone. Your website isn’t a magical tool to get you clients, what you do with it is what matters.

Do you kinda see where I am going with this? SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”, meaning your website is optimized to be the best representation possible on search engine results.

So what do I mean when I say “SEO Friendly“?

SEO Friendly, in the world of Misfits, means that your site was put together in a way that, with proper maintenance, can really help boost your website SEO rankings on internet searches, and subsequently through potential customer interactions. If they like your content, they will share it. If Google thinks your site is built with the proper website SEO algorithm requirements, they make sure your search ranking goes up.

You essentially have the foundation for good search results, but you have to utilize it.

What do you need to do in order to get more traffic coming to your site?

I’d say it were simple, but if that were the case then you wouldn’t need to bothering doing anything but “set it and forget it”. Never ever “set it and forget it” with your business website. This is your ONE tool that will get you the most exposure.

  1. Understand the very basics of what every business owner should know about search engine optimization (SEO).
    Every business owner should know the basic requirements for search engine optimization for their business website. These include things like, what list of items do I need to keep track of regularly such as regular new content, what keywords are popular for my area or industry, who is my competition, etc. We’ve provided local workshops on the foundation of what ever business owner should know, about social marketing and search engine optimization, and are expanding this information to online workshops as well.
  2. If you don’t have the time to maintain your website SEO or marketing, invest in someone who does.While you should stay updated on how to market your website, your #1 priority should be running your business. That may require you bring in a professional to market your website and staying on top of the regular maintenance that will entail. Delegate this task to someone who stays in communication with you so you can still run your business but stay aware of how your marketing efforts are going. Generally this is done through a monthly report and a discussion about what has been done and what is planned next.
  3. Invest in Online Marketing through Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads and Social MarketingIn order to grow your business you have to feed it, and one way to feed it is by investing money back into it. People spend more time these days glued to their mobile phones and computers than they do TV and radio anymore, which means there’s a whole new market out there to reach about your business.The benefit of online marketing is you are able to really target who is seeing your ads, which also means you aren’t wasting money on people you would never try to market to in the first place. Need to market to Women? Men? New Mothers? College Students? People who own homes in your zip code? The level of detail available in various online marketing venues is better than we’ve ever had before. If you aren’t tapping into that market you are leaving money on the table for your competition.
  4. Biggest Pro Tip? Take an active role in your website. It doesn’t take a lot of work, and the results could mean the next step for your business.You don’t have to maintain your website personally, but your website needs to be maintained either way. New content, fresh images, an online presence and providing a value to your clients to really let the uniqueness of your business shine through. Show off your fine self.

So just because I have a website, I may not start getting traffic until I start doing something about it?

Yes. Pretty much.

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