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A business’s website is their internet business card so it’s important to consider a fresh gettysburg web design company like Misfit when you upgrade your site. Would you hand an ugly, outdated business card to a potential new customer? Maybe with your phone number or an email on the back that reads bigwanker135@hotmail.com?

I don’t think anyone thinks this is a good idea. So why let your business website fall to the wayside of archaic design and inappropriate content?

If you didn’t know already, everyone is checking out businesses online, especially on their cellphones. Whether they are reading restaurant reviews, finding contact information, checking out services, purchasing products, you name it and people are doing it.

This is why it’s so important for your company to have a user-friendly and impressive website that is easy to use on mobile devices. I can’t express enough how much your website represents your company, and you want it to represent in the best way possible, just like you would a business card.

The beauty of Misfit Interactive, is we are a small business, like you, and we understand the need for affordable online options while still getting the best possible service. Misfit is in the unique position to provide this because we have worked for large agencies that created beautiful million-dollar websites and marketing strategies. We’ve take that knowledge and scaled it to an affordable option for small businesses that can still compete with everyone online without breaking the bank.

We also provide a free quote on any service you could possible want that we provide, from web design to search engine optimization, social marketing, print and branding design and even maintenance and web hosting. So contact us today :)

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