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They say that first impressions count, and they do. This is why we go out of our way to look professional for meetings and maintain professional work spaces. It’s also why we put so much effort into designing our business flyers and cards.

Like I said, first impressions count.

Which is why the website a business has is so important. Because it’s your outpost in cyberspace. Unfortunately, it’s also everyone else’s cyberspace outpost too. So it’s important to have a website that stands out if you don’t want potential customers to click on by.

First Impressions Online

You need something fresh and attention-grabbing. Something misfit-y even. So why not consider a fresh Gettysburg web design company like Misfit Interactive for your next upgrade?

After all, you don’t want the website equivalent of that Cafe Press business card “designed” by Mr Ineedaclue, right? Or how about the website equivalent of the business card with inappropriate content? Say with “bigwanker135@hotmail.com” given as the contact email?

If you read that last paragraph and thought it was all terrible, you’re absolutely right. It is, and I don’t think anyone thinks that kind of archaic design and inappropriate content is a good idea. So why let your business website fall into these traps?

Websites are a part of business nowadays.Everyone checks out businesses online before doing in-person business. This is especially the case when it comes to cellphones. Whether it’s restaurant reviews, finding contact information, checking out services, or purchasing products, people are looking it up online.

This makes having an impressive website that is user-friendly, and easy to navigate on mobile devices more important than ever before. And a website that does all of the above while remaining a true reflection of your company? Well, that’s worth its weight in gold in the modern world.

Gettysburg Web Design| The Misfit Approach

The beauty of Misfit Interactive is that we are a small business, and so understand the need for affordable online options. We also understand the importance of providing the best possible service to our customers. Heck, we even won an award for our customer service! We are also perfectly positioned to provide the services we do. Because we’ve worked for those large agencies that create the stunning multi-million dollar websites. We know the processes, we know the marketing strategies, and we’re bringing that know-how to small businesses. Because that’s what we’re about, providing affordable options that allow small businesses to compete online without breaking the bank.

We also provide a free quote on any service you could possible want that we provide, from web design to search engine optimization, social marketing, print and branding design and even maintenance and web hosting. So contact us today :)

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