If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your website, your traffic will start to suffer

SSL Certificate

We sent out a notice to our clients recently letting them know that Google will now start prioritizing websites that have an SSL Certificate installed to protect certain types of data that might be submitted through your website. This is especially important if you sell products and accept credit card information, and even if you have users login to access a “members only” section of your site.

Users who are visiting your website with the latest versions of the Chrome browser will now be notified that your site is “Insecure”, and soon this will affect how you rank in Google Search Results. Chrome users are now 56% of the browser market share, on both desktop AND mobile. This is quite literally more than half of your potential clients that will be notified of the insecurity of your website once they land on your page. Would you want to submit your information or credit card through a site with that label? I wouldn’t, and neither would the majority of users.

While this is a pain in the butt, it’s not done in poor taste. A more secure site for your clients means less data breaches to have to deal with or be wary of, and it means a more comfortable client for you. The extra expense is worth it if you consider the alternatives, and it’s a small yearly fee when all things are considered.

How we can help get your SSL Certificate Resolved

Misfit Interactive is prepared to help you get your site ready for this transition by purchasing an SSL certificate for you and preparing your website to retain its search engine ranks while updating your website url to be https:// instead of just http://. You don’t need to do a thing except fill out this form and possibly give us your host information. We will take the stress and the time consumption off of you to give your peace of mind.

If you are interested in us setting this up for you, fill out our SSL Conversion Request form to get started. You don’t have to host with us, we’ll work with your current host, but take advantage of this while you can before it affects your website traffic.

Request an SSL Certificate and Conversion

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