Stop! Don’t Hire That In-House Social Media Marketer Yet!

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Whew, thanks for pausing a moment.

Before you take that big step by hiring a new employee and all the paperwork and cost that comes with it, we want to offer some alternatives ideas that are just as important and may actually save you money (and who doesn’t want to save money?).

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with hiring an in-house social media person.  It may even feel more comfortable having a dedicated person readily available to monitor your social media on a whim.  We get it.  However, not every company needs to invest that much money into their social strategy.  If your business is in the niche of marketing, it makes more sense to have an in-house marketer.  If you’re in a labor industry, such as construction, it absolutely does not make sense to have someone dedicated solely to your social media strategy in-house.

So what are your options?

Hire an agency

This can be a loaded option because there are so many types of agencies out there, and because of that, the costs vary so much it can be confusing and even intimidating.  If you consider a large agency, you will get great results, but you will also spend a great amount of money, upwards of thousands of dollars per month. Smaller businesses and organizations simply can’t afford that.

However, there are a lot of smaller agencies (like Misfit) that can offer a variety of affordable social marketing plans custom to your particular needs and budget.  You get the same, if not better, one-on-one personal service, but at a reasonable rate.

Why is hiring an agency better?

  • Saves you money.  Instead of paying a regular salary to a dedicated employee, even if it’s just $2,000 per month, plus benefits, you can pay a flat rate fee that could be 25%-50% less per month, and without worrying about benefits and employee obligations.
  • Saves you Hassle.  Ever have a dry spell with ideas for social media and try to figure out what to post?  Do you ever get frustrated having to micro-manage employees who might be twiddling their thumbs trying to maintain the momentum for your social marketing?
  • Less Paperwork. No payroll, no employee processing, no training, no W-2’s.
  • Easier to Terminate.  Ending your relationship with an agency is a lot easier than firing an employee.  You don’t have to worry about unemployment claims.  Most social marketing agencies are are a monthly service that you can cancel at any time, whereas an employee has certain requirements before you can terminate them.
  • Same Service.  You get the reports, you get the social engagement, you get to be involved in the social strategy and remain in charge of your social marketing, but without the cost and hassle.

Hire a Freelancer

Hiring an independent freelancer is another option that would save you money for the exact same reasons as an agency would, but in general freelancing can have less guarantee for results or customer service.  You may be dealing with someone working from home, odd hours, or without the agency client dedication.

Honestly, any of these options, including your own in-house social marketer, are better than leaving your social media to the wind or when you have spare time.  Most business owners don’t have the time, dedication, or know-how to initiate an effective campaign for a proper return in their investment.  Either way, hiring a professional to manager your social strategy is the way  to go.  Determining the most effective professional for the best price is where things can get tricky.

Interested in hearing about what we can offer your social marketing strategy?  Contact us for more information.

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