Google Will Start Favoring Mobile-Friendly Sites – Is Your Website Ready?

It is no secret that Google plans to adjust their algorithm so that mobile-friendly sites will now rank better than those that are not, especially on, well…….mobile devices. This move makes perfect sense as more and more people are using their tablets and phones to perform searches, contact businesses and even shop online. Speaking from personal experience, I use my phone to do quick research, find local companies or look up information more frequently than my home computer. I have it with me at all times, so it is easier to access. Continue reading

Misfit Dedicates Itself to Charity With Each Project

Misfit Interactive was born from the idea of helping small businesses compete with the big dogs on the web.  It is on the web that everyone can be equal, no matter their capital, so long as they have great search engine optimization, fresh content, and a kickin’ website.

However, Misfit likes to push the borders of how companies are run and give back to the community. So we have started an initiative that we’ve wanted to incorporate from the beginning. Every new redesign project we bring in, we’ll donate 5% to a charity of that projects choice (or if they have no preference, we’ll donate to one of our chosing).

That’s right, every new web redesign project we bring in, we’ll be giving back to the community! We will poll our followers on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for charity ideas and even post proof of our payments being sent out to these charities.

How Personal Social Media Accounts Affect Your Business

The other day I was talking to a potential client about all the services and solutions we could provide to his company that had been hit hard by negative SEO this summer.  The discussion took a different turn and became very personal at one point, when the client mentioned he had done his research on ME personally to see if he would be interested in doing business with Misfit Interactive.

Immediately my mind began to race: “Oh no, have I posted anything inappropriate recently?” “Did I use bad language?” “Did I complain about my work??”

Fortunately for me, I try to keep my personal social networks proper and classy enough that I don’t really have to worry about offending anyone.  Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with the opinions of the internet, anyway. Continue reading